Monochromator for the XWS-30 laser-pumped light source from ISTEQ

Monochromator with plasma entrance slit

Wavelength range

190 – 2200 nm

Half-power widths

1 – 20 nm


Up to 800 µW at a half-power width of 6nm

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The Hyperchromator and the XWS-30: a high-performance team for generating monochromatic light

The Hyperchromator was especially developed for ISTEQ’s laser-pumped XWS-30 to optimally use the extremely high luminance and the large wavelength range of this powerful light source also for spectral isolation.

  • Tunable monochromator for the XWS-30 from ISTEQ
  • For the isolation of narrow bandwidth
  • Total wavelength range from 190 to 2200 nm
  • Especially suitable for DUV and UV
  • Automatic dual grating changer
  • Control via USB interface

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