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Development of proprietary device electronics and software.


Optimal measurement results through individual solutions


Dr. Hoenig
Expert for measurement technology and LabVIEW

What are the demands optical systems place on device electronics, firmware and software?

For an optical system to deliver precise measurement results, both the device electronics and the evaluating software must be optimally tuned to each other. Proprietary solutions for the electronic elements are often the best way to meet the requirements of the sometimes highly specialized systems. Firmware programming for the microprocessors used is closely tied to the individual production of the device electronics and offers the advantage of being able to be adapted to the circumstances from the start.
Finally, the software connected to the optical system must be developed in such a way that all required functions are covered by a single solution and the measurement results can be displayed and processed in a user-friendly way on various end-devices.


Device electronics and firmware from Technologie Manufaktur

We select the best electronic components for your needs, such as cameras, actuators or sensors. If you wish, we will also motorize the mechanical elements of your optical system. Whenever the project allows, we use a proven modular system of high-performance device electronics from well-known manufacturers.

However, most of our customers demand special solutions that are not directly available on the market. In this case, we develop individual proprietary solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the optical system. The first prototype circuit boards are often available within just a few weeks.

Proprietary solutions of this nature mean that the corresponding firmware has to be programmed. We use this opportunity during the course of the project to optimally adapt the firmware to the functions of the optical system.

Software development at Technologie Manufaktur

We also of course take care of connecting the optical system to a PC, laptop or tablet – preferably via a USB port.

We have been using LabVIEW software for complex devices since 1997. This has a clear user interface and it is easy to develop modules for the smooth control of components, exact image processing and precise data acquisition and analysis.

Due to our many years of experience in LabVIEW programming, we can put together powerful software packages in a very short time. For this we also make use of a large archive of modules that we have already developed.

One of our particular strengths is the development of complex algorithms for evaluating measurement signals and image data with LabVIEW. Here we benefit from projects in the fields of ellipsometry, spectroscopy and MTF measurement.

We equip simpler optical devices with Python scripts, a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) or hardware-related communication protocols.


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