LD Process Microscope with high resolution & coaxial incident light illumination


Microscope for use on vacuum and process chambers

High resolution on long working distances

Our microscope allows to observe samples and processes in a (vacuum) chamber in situ with a resolution of 1 micrometer. The lens is attached to a viewport on the outside, so it does not protrude into the chamber. The object to be observed may be positioned at a distance up to 100 mm from the viewport.

In addition to imaging, various spectroscopic methods in the wavelength range from 200 to 2000 nm can be applied.

Typical applications are thin films (MBE/OMBE, CVD/PVD), laser structuring, micro-3D printing, LED/OLED, microsystems and nanotechnology.


Optical Performance

Mikroscope objektiv lens 10x/0.25 with 100 mm working distance

The 10x magnification lens provides very good imaging performance over the entire wavelength range from 200 nm to 2000 nm. It is diffraction limited above 400 nm, and with its numerical aperture of 0.25 achieves a resolution of 1 micrometer.

The optical design of mirrors and lenses (catadioptric system) takes into account the vacuum window of the viewport. This unique feature allows realization of the high resolution and an object field of 2 mm over a large wavelength range without refocusing.


Illumination Systems

Reflected Light Microscopy, Fluorescence, Hyperspectral Imaging

Attaching a light source to the lens converts it into a reflected light microscope. As a light source, we optionally offer white light or monochromatic LEDs. By segmenting the light source, the object can be illuminated obliquely from different directions. This allows good contrast even with very flat objects.

Likewise possible is the coupling of light sources for fluorescence or Raman excitation. By using a LASER, high localized excitation intensities are possible.

Alternatively, fiber-coupled illumination can also be used. In combination with our Monochromators, this makes hyperspectral imaging possible.



Customizing with standard components

The tube system behind the main body of the lens may easily be customized to your requirements using standard components. For example, the simultaneous operation of two cameras or the coupling to an external spectrometer is straight-forward and simple.


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Working distance 100.0 mm
Magnification 10 x
Object field diameter 2.0 mm
Image diameter 20.0 mm
Numerical aperture 0.25
Obscuration 45%
Resolution 1µm @ 405nm
Wavelength range 0.2 µm – 2.0 µm
Transmission 0.25 µm – 2,0 µm > 50 %
Distortion < 0,5 %


Images taken with the LD-Process-Microscope 10x/0.25

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