ULD Process Microscope – working distance 250 – 530 mm & easy alignment

Lens for Vacuum and Process chambers

High resolution for very long working distances

Our ULD microscope allows observation of samples and processes in a (vacuum) chamber in situ with a resolution of up to 3.6 μm. The lens is attached to a viewport and can be aligned via a special adapter to point at the object you want to observed in the chamber. Distances of up to half a meter are possible.

A typical application is STM microscopy, where a tip have to approach the sample. The ULD microscope helps to identify different areas of the sample and to approach the tip up to a tenth of a millimeter close to the sample.

Easy alignment to your object

Tiltable adapter for mounting on a vacuum flange

The ULD process microscope is screwed to a flange of your vacuum chamber via an adapter which can be tilted by two axes. The adapter fits DN40 and DN63 flanges. Over 4 knurled screws, the lens can be aligned to your object with high accuracy. The tilt angle is +/- 5 ° per axis.


Sharp images despite oblique view

Often it is not possible to see perpendicular at a flat object. Then only a relatively narrow strip in the middle of the image is in focus, the rest of the image is out of focus and blurry.

With our Scheimpflug adapters, it is possible to tilt the camera and thereby again have the entire object in focus.

Adapters with 0, 15, 30 and 40 degrees tilt angle are available.

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Working distance 250 – 530 mm
Dimensions Length 233 – 344 mm *, max. diameter 85 mm
Magnification 1.1 – 0.36*
Object field diameter 14.5 – 44.4 mm
Image diameter 16 mm
Numerical aperture 0.054 – 0.027 *
Resolution 3.5 µm – 5 µm
Wavelength range Visible
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