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Our competence modules for the development of optical systems

Optical engineering from Technologie Manufaktur

Do you need an optical measuring device, an illumination unit or an optical system that is precisely tailored to your requirements? Then you’ve come to the right place!

At Technologie Manufaktur we employ experts for optical design, prototyping, optomechanics, device electronics, software and serial production, so that we can offer the complete optical engineering kit from the first virtual design of your optical system to its serial production in-house.

Our competence modules in optical engineering





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Device electronics & software


Optical prototyping


Optical assemblies for series production

zemax optic design

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Virtual Optical Engineering: Optical Design

At Technologie Manufaktur the development process begins with virtual design: With OpticStudio™ from ZEMAX we design the optics and simulate the functionality of the entire optical system on the PC on the basis of a feasibility study. This gives us the required specifications and tolerance estimates we need to build the device.

We implement the results in our optics laboratory for the first time: A demonstrator is created on the breadboard, which is then continuously refined.


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Optical engineering with a fine touch: Optomechanical design

The mechanical design of a modern optical system requires a high level of expertise and experience. For computer-aided design (CAD), we use Inventor® from Autodesk and create a realistic 3D model consisting of mechanics, optics and electronics. The experience gained with the demonstrator also flows back into the design here.

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Individual optical engineering: Device electronics and software

As part of our optical engineering, we often use proprietary electronic components and firmware that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the optical system.

We program the software-controlled functions for the optical system with LabView, and thanks to our software library we can quickly put together suitable software packages from existing modules.


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Optical Engineering in our workshop: Optical prototyping

Based on the 3D CAD model, the first prototype of the optical system is created in our workshop.

This is already equipped with all the necessary mechanical and electrical interfaces in order to be able to perform functional testing as meaningfully as possible.



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Optical Engineering on target: Optical assemblies in serial production

Once all functional tests in our laboratory and at our customers’ sites have been satisfactorily completed, we move from prototype to the final product.

We manufacture small and medium-sized serial production quantities ourselves in the production area of Technologie Manufaktur. For larger quantities, we work together with our network of external manufacturing partners.

Optical Engineering in progress: 5 steps to an optical system

Phase 1:

Conceptual design

The conceptual design phase clarifies the target specifications, the choice of methods and a feasibility study.

Phase 2: Design und simulation

In the virtual design and simulation phase, the optical design and 3D CAD model are developed.

Phase 3: Demonstrator

In parallel, a demonstrator is created on the breadboard based on the optical design.


Phase 4:

Based on the 3D CAD model, prototypes for functional tests are created.

Phase 5: Production

Once the prototypes have passed the functional tests, serial production of the optical system begins.