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Fiber coupled light source and monochromator

Auflösungstest 3300 Lp/mm

Laser pumped phosphor light source

High brightness light source for multimode fibers

  • Extremely bright point light source
  • Can be triggered up to 100 kHz
  • Give high output power even with small mutimode fibers
Principle of a Monochromator


Any fiber-coupled light source can be attached to this compact, software-controlled fiber-to-fiber monochromator, e.g. an LED or laser-pumped plasma light source can be connected. The high light throughput results in a flexible, tunable point light source with high luminance at the output fiber.

Hyperspectral illumination with the EQ-99X light source from ENERGETIQS

The EQ-99X has a very broad spectral range from 200 nm to 2200 nm. Because of its extremely high luminance, it is very well suited for use with mutimode fibers.

Our lighting solutions make the most of the power of this light source and provide the light for use with multimode fibers.

Our Hyperchromator produces monochromatic light and the fiber coupler brings the full spectral range of the EQ-99X into your fiber.

Principle of a Monochromator


Our Hyperchromator directly picks up the light from the plasma of the EQ-99X and isolates a wavelength of your choice from the broad spectrum of 200 nm to 2200 nm.

The optical design ensures optimal use of the light for the EQ-99X. With our dual grating option, the entire spectrum can be covered without changing the grating manually.

Principle of a Monochromator

Fiber coupler

Our fiber coupler allows direct coupling into a multi mode fiber.

The plasma of the lamp is maped onto the fiber entrance with just one mirror.

Process microscopes for in-situ observation in vacuum and process chambers

If processes have to be observed in a vacuum or process chamber, one often faces the challenge of having to realize a large distance from the optics to the sample while still achieving the greatest possible optical resolution.

We have tackled this task in numerous projects. The result is our LD- and ULD-Process Microscopes.

Vakuum Optik


Our Process-Microscope allows to observe samples and processes in a (vacuum) chamber in situ with a resolution of 1 micrometer.

The lens is attached to a viewport on the outside, so it does not occupy any space within the chamber. The object to be observed may be positioned at a distance up to 100 mm from the viewport.

Auflösungstest 3300 Lp/mm


If your sample is more than 100 mm away from the process chamber window, our ultra long working distance (ULD) Process-Microscope is used. Here, your sample can be located at any distance from the window of the process chamber.

At a distance of 250 mm, a resolution of 3.6 μm can be archived.


High-resolution test charts

Ordinary resolution test charts don’t go below a structure sizes of around 1 μm. Our test charts reach 100 nm and are therefore of particular interest for testing high-resolution microscope optics.

Auflösungstest 3300 Lp/mm

Test charts for microscopy

Test charts produced with high-precision e-beam lithography.

  • Test charts with 7.5 to 3300 line pairs per millimeter and pinholes with diameters between 4.0 μm and 0.25 μm.
  • Siemens star, segments with minimum width of only 150 nm
  • Pinholes from 0.18 μm to 4 μm in diameter
  • Checkerboard pattern with square 50×50 μm² or 100×100 μm² fields
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