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Dr. Thirase:
Zemaxer with many years experience

What is optical design?

Optical design is one of the first and most important steps in the development of optical systems. Software is used to design the optical devices and analyze their subsequent performance. This does not always mean highly complex systems. Even a suitably selected catalogue lens can significantly improve the performance of a measurement device.
The radii of lenses and mirrors, distances and optical media are optimized with the help of special algorithms. Tolerance analyses show the required quality of the optical surfaces, where high positioning accuracy is required, and which elements must be adjusted during operation according to optical criteria. These are all indispensable parameters for the final design of the optomechanics.

zemax optic design

Dr. Thirase zemaxing

Optical design at Technologie Manufaktur

In order to achieve the most efficient results possible when developing optical systems, we always base our work on a meticulously planned optical design, taking advantage of the possibilities of modern IT solutions.

In this design process, we use OpticStudio™ from ZEMAX, an optical design tool used worldwide in the optical industry – whether it be for the development of simple lenses or for the construction of complex satellite instruments.

Optical design with OpticStudio™ from ZEMAX is one of our core competencies, supported by our many years of practical experience

Simulation of optical systems

The model-based simulation of optical systems allows us to determine the subsequent product specifications at a very early stage of development. This enables us to provide precise information on performance even before the prototype is built.

In addition to the extensive simulation options that ZEMAX offers, we also work with tools we have developed ourselves and can adapt individually to the respective task.


LED composer

Screenshot “LED composer” for calculating the output power of technical light sources

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