High resolution is also possible under difficult conditions: Our long distance microscopes

Sample and process observation in situ in a vacuum or process chamber can often only be achieved with a long distance between the microscope and the object – but at the expense of resolution. We have risen to this challenge in the form of our long-distance and ultra-long distance process microscopes. These deliver high-resolution results even from a long distance.

Furthermore, we offer accessories as well as cameras that allow you to achieve optimal results in focusing and pointing, and in the imaging of objects. With our lightsource.tech brand, we are specialised in high-performance light sources, complementing our range of process microscopes for complete tasks.

Typical areas in which our process microscopes are used include laser structuring, thin layers (MBE/OMBE), CVD/PVD micro 3D printing, LED/OLED, microsystems technology and nanotechnology.


1,0 µm

Working distance

100 – 500 mm

Wavelength range

200 nm – 2000 nm

from Technologie Manufaktur

Mountable directly on
process chambers


Long distance microscope: High-resolution in-situ lens from UV to NIR

Our LD process microscope is specially designed for in-situ use on vacuum or process chambers. It is mounted externally with an XYZ stage to avoid taking up space inside the chamber.

With a numerical aperture of 0.25, it is possible to image objects from a distance of 100 mm with a magnification of 10:1 and a resolution of 1 µm.

This high-performance LD process microscope covers the entire spectrum from 200 nm to 2000 nm. Optics are with diffraction-limited correction from 400 nm upwards.

The tube of the microscope can be adapted to individual needs and supplemented by accessories such as lighting or camera ports.

Options for extended applications

Optionally, coaxial lighting can be attached to the objective of the long distance microscope. It is equipped with one of our LEDs (white light or monochromatic) or one of our fiber-coupled light sources. In combination with one of our monochromators, (Monochromator-F or Hyperchromator), this LD process microscope allows hyperspectral imaging. Furthermore, use of excitation light for microspot spectroscopy is also possible. High point intensities can be achieved when laser is used.

  • Can be mounted directly on a vacuum chamber
  • XYZ stage for lens alignment and focusing
  • Individual adjustment of the tube for lighting and cameras is possible
  • Selected special cameras for UV and NIR
  • Coaxial illumination available
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Microspot spectroscopy
  • Working distance 100 mm

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Product specifications:

Working distance 100.0 mm
Magnification 10 x
Object field diameter 2.0 mm
Image field diameter 20.0 mm
Numerical aperture 0.25
Central shadow 45%
Resolution 1µm @ 405nm
Wavelength range 0.2 µm – 2.0 µm
Transmission 0.25 µm – 2.0 µm > 50%
Distortion < 0.5 %

Ultra-long distance microscope: High-resolution magnification from a distance of up to 500 mm

The ULD process microscope allows a working distance of up to 500 mm and is mounted externally on the viewport using an adapter. This makes it possible to observe processes in situ even from a long distance with a maximum resolution of 3.6 µm.

With the Scheimpflug adapter and the appropriate camera, object imaging is completely sharp, even when viewed obliquely.

Typical applications for the Ultra Long DistanceMicroscope are SPM or STM microscopy, for which a fine tip must be guided over the object. The ULD microscope allows various areas of the object to be identified and the tip can be brought to within approximately one-tenth of a millimetre of the object.



Sharp images despite oblique view

Often it is not possible to align the lens perpendicularly to the object, with the result that only a narrow strip in the centre of the image is sharp, while the edge of the image remains blurred and out of focus.

With our Scheimpflug adapters, the lens can be tilted so that the entire object is sharp. Adapters are available with a tilt angle of 0°, 15°, 30°, and 40°.

  • Resolution 3.6 µm
  • Working distance up to 500 mm
  • Wavelength range from 350 nm to 900 nm
  • Can be mounted directly on the vacuum chamber
  • Lens can be focussed manually via internal focus
  • Adapter can be tilted for easy alignment
  • Scheimpflug adapter for consistently sharp images
  • Appropriate camera for optimum results
  • Suitable for scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM)

Easy and precise alignment to object

The ULD process microscope is screwed onto a DN40 or DN63 vacuum chamber flange via an adapter. The adapter can be tilted by two axes, with tilting angles of +/- 5°. The lens can be precisely aligned to the object using four knurled screws.


Product specifications:

Working distance 250 – 530 mm
Dimensions Length 233 – 344 mm*, max. diameter 85 mm
Magnification 1.1 – 0.36*
Object field diameter 14.5 – 44.4 mm
Image field diameter 16 mm

(*Depending on working distance)