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Welcome to Technologie Manufaktur

Experts come together at Technologie Manufaktur to develop tailor-made optical solutions for you – from initial conceptual design through to series production. We know that innovative projects demand innovative solutions, and we realise these solutions based on our deep experience in the fields of microscopy, spectroscopy, polarization optics and imaging systems.

Your full-service provider for optical engineering

• Conceptual design
• Design and simulation
• Demonstration
• Prototype
• Production

Crafted in-house: The product range of Technologie Manufaktur

As well as optical systems developed for individual needs, we offer a constant range of products consisting of high-performance microscopes, light sources and monochromators that meet the professional demands of industry and research.

Long distance microscopes – High resolution over long distances

Our process microscopes make it possible to render processes and samples in high resolution, even from long distances.

long distance microscope

LD process microscope

• Working distance 100 mm
• Resolution 1.0 µm
• Wavelength range from DUV to NIR

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ULD process microscope

• Working distance up to 500 mm
• Resolution 3.6 µm
• Wavelength range 350 – 1000nm

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Our robust test charts are manufactured using high-precision e-beam lithography and are a flexible accompaniment in your working day.

  • Structural sizes up to 100 nm
  • Wavelength range 190 nm – 2000 nm
  • E-beam lithography

Light sources from – powerful and flexible

Our LSWL1 is a flexible point light source for professional requirements. The monochromators provide clean spectral isolation for a wide spectrum.


LS-WL1 from

Laser-pumped white light source

• Luminance 440mW
• Wavelength range 450 – 700 nm
• Strobe and trigger modes

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Monochromator-F from lightsource.tec

Fiber-to-Fiber monochromator

• Wavelength range 190 nm – 5.5 µm
• Optimum transmission
• Easy change of gratings

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Hyperchromator from

Tunable light source

• Developed for the ISTEQ XWS-30
• Wavelength range 190 – 2200 nm
• Narrow half-power widths 1 – 20 nm

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