The LS-WL1 – Flexible laser-pumped white light source

Highly efficient and with extremely high luminance

Wavelenth range

450 -700 nm

Extremely high luminance

440 mW

Programmable modes

Stroboscope and trigger

A highlight from

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lasergepumpte Weißlichtq

Programmable laser-pumped white light source for a variety of uses in measurement and observation

The LS-WL1 white light source was developed to meet professional requirements for extremely high luminance. Compact and light in weight, the LS-WL1 is a flexible point light source.

  • Light output up to 440 mW from 600 µm fiber
  • Wavelength range of 450 – 700 nm
  • Highly efficient multimode fiber coupling optics: 50 µm – 1 mm core diameter
  • Numerical aperture up to 0.5
  • Stroboscopic and trigger modes up to 200kHz
  • Highlight: laser-pumped converter phosphor

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