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Nils Eschstruth
Expert for optical prototyping

What is optical prototyping?

Optical prototyping comes after the software-based designs and simulations and the first function test on the breadboard, and is the development phase in which the actual prototype of the optical system is built. It must already have all the necessary mechanical and electrical interfaces so that its functions can be tested precisely for the requirements of the application.
After the first tests are performed in the laboratory and in practical application, a second generation of the prototype (pilot series) is usually built. Optimizations and change requests can be incorporated into this. From now on it is only a small step to the final product, with production of this pilot series often already beginning during the practical tests on the second prototype.


Optical prototyping at Technologie Manufaktur

Optical prototyping, i.e. the optomechanical construction of the prototype and the development of its electronics, takes place at Technologie Manufaktur parallel to the work on the breadboard in the laboratory. For this reason, there is usually not much time between construction of the demonstrator and completion of the prototype.

Our well-equipped workshop allows us to build the prototype quickly, adjust it precisely and to measure its performance. We can carry out MTF measurements on lenses, measure the surfaces of optical elements interferometrically and record spectra from UV to near-infrared. We use a flow box for dust-free production. The mechanical means required for the prototype are manufactured in the workshops of our suppliers. 

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