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What is optomechanics?

Optomechanics, i.e. the construction and manufacture of a modern optical system, is based on a long tradition of scientific and commercial instrument construction and demands specialist knowledge and a fine touch. This is because construction must allow highly precise adjustment so that the optical elements can be positioned with the accuracy of a few micrometers and arc minutes. At the same time, the position of sensitive elements in the manufactured device must not change during operation and must be resistant to temperature fluctuation, vibration and shock.

Optomechanics at Technologie Manufaktur

The art of optomechanics is to implement highly technical requirements in the smallest of spaces while keeping cost and effort within reasonable limits.

To do this, we start early in the development process with the optical design and incorporate the resulting models, beam paths and tolerance analyses directly into the development of the optomechanics. Therefore, from the beginning, we know both the micrometer-precise positions and tolerances of the individual components as well as the spatial limitations and necessary beam folds.

Thanks to our many years of experience in optomechanics, we are familiar with proven design approaches and know where special measures are required without losing sight of cost.


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